The House of Bisquit Cognac was founded in 1819 by Alexandre Bisquit, who was just 19 at the time. His youth didn’t hamper his ambitions and Bisquit 
became one of the premium Cognac brands, notable for a distillation process that is 15% longer than that of competitors to extract more concentrated aromas that would otherwise be impossible. Wanted caught up with Loïc Rakotomalala during his visit to SA. He brought almost two decades’ 
experience in the wine industry to his position as global brand ambassador. 

Loïc Rakotomalala
Loïc Rakotomalala

Tell us a bit about the Bisquit range – how the Cognacs compare to one another. The three Cognacs, the VS (Very Special) Classique, VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) and XO (Extra Old) are each unique, and this relates to the age of the cognac. Which is better is a question of personal taste, but each variant is as good as the other. When a person opens a bottle of XO, there is emotion attached to this moment – it represents 18-20 years of ageing!

Tell us what makes Bisquit  Cognac distinctive when tasted compared with other Cognacs? Our most important differentiator is the longer distillation. We focus on the value of appreciating the extra time used in a second 
distillation process of the “heart” (the favourable part of distilled spirit) for a bountiful bouquet of aromas, which results in a richer and smoother tasting  
cognac. All cognac producers follow similar distillation processes as per regulations, but the expertise and craftsmanship of each cellar master is different, which changes the result.

Tell us one misconception about Cognac? That it is just another brandy! Yes, it is a type of brandy, but consumers don’t understand the uniqueness of Cognac. We have to educate the market about the tradition, the knowledge, the process, the soil, the grape variant. The soil is so very important –  most people don’t know this.

Why is Bordeaux so expensive? Because of the specificity of the soil! 
My knowledge and experience in the wine industry is important for my work at Bisquit Cognac, as wine forms the basis of Cognac. I have spent a lot of time in vineyards, which helps me to understand this.

How does Bisquit and Cognac in general aim to compete in terms of marketing to whisky? We don’t compete with whisky. Cognac is made 
with grapes, which are an elegant and premium ingredient. Grapes are more complex than grain from which whisky is made. 

SA makes exceptional quality brandy. Why should someone choose to drink Cognac? While this is true, Cognac is  different – the soil, expertise, grapes are all different.  Cognac is recognised as the most prestigious brand of spirit in the world.

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