What is it?: The New Aeron Chair from global design manufacturer Herman Miller

Designers?: The original Aeron was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick. Chadwick and a team of scientists, engineers, materials specialists, and researchers worked for two years on this remastered version.

What makes it so special? First launched in 1994, it was unlike any chair at the time. Instead of a ‘padded throne’, the designers created a “true machine for sitting”, uniting human-centered design with the company's expertise in innovative technology and materials. It is also the best-selling, most recognisable ‘performance chair’, with over 7-million units sold.  

So what’s new? Although this new version retains the distinctive silhouette of the iconic chair, every component has been updated, combining the latest research in anthropometrics and ergonomics with the latest ‘smart’ materials and technology. Some of the new features we enjoyed are the more intuitive adjustment capabilities, the re-engineered tilt mechanism, adjustable spinal support, and fully adjustable arms. Their fully-breathable, hi-tech '8Z Pellicle' mesh seating fabric means no more sweaty anything when you're glued to your seat on a deadline.

Why everyone should have one? It’s a short-sighted boss (or freelancer for that matter) who does not invest in skills and proper equipment. Most people spend a third of their lives at a desk in front of their computers. We spend money on the best possible mattress for good, restorative sleep and buy expensive cars for safety and luxury. With the number of hours spent on our derrières, you’d think that a good chair would be a priority, yet visit most offices and you’ll find the opposite to be true. Having test driven the Aeron at the Wanted office last week, we know how improved comfort and support goes a long way to ensuring a more productive day and fewer back ailments.

Good design at a price?: Of course, but it is available in three sizes and with a choice of features, with pricing starting at R12995 (basic features). The original, classic Aeron is available at R8995 as is the 'Revive' (refurbished Aeron chairs) at R4295. Whatever your budget, see it as an investment in your wellbeing and a comfortable future. 

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