Raine Tauber
Raine Tauber
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What is your process when conceptualising a makeup look for a fashion week? It's very collaborative, I like to work with the designer’s influences in mind and think about who the man or woman is that I am designing this look for. I enjoy looking to nature and science for inspiration more than to existing make up/fashion images.

You have been travelling to international fashion weeks a lot lately. What are some of the tips and techniques that you have learnt from other international makeup artists that you will be bringing backstage with you? It's my absolute favourite to see how other artists do things, the biggest thing I'm bringing back is to think more in terms of colour and texture than products, so it doesn't matter that it's a lipstick, eye pencil or concealer if it gives me the finish I want then I'm going to use it.

What are your three tips for models preparing for fashion week? Their skin takes a bit of a beating during fashion week with make up on and off up to 8 times a day so I always recommend treating the skin with extra hydration prior to fashion week, maybe a rejuvenating facial etc, drink loads of water and make sure you have a great and gentle make up remover for after the last show of the day, I recommend M.A.C Gently Off, its super gentle but takes off even waterproof make up.

What is one thing models should never do before or during fashion week? Drink and party too much, they already have a super long day with rehearsals, fittings and shows.

What is your favourite fashion week moment of all time? At Paris fashion week for the Lanvin show we had done all the make up but the backstage area was very small so only a few of us were asked to go to line up, I was one of the ones who was not in line up so a couple of us went to see if we could see the show from anywhere, we managed to walk straight in to the photographer's pit (aka best seats in the house) and got to watch the whole show! It was spectacular!

You're always glammed-up backstage - how do you prep for fashion week in terms of your beauty routine? Firstly, thank you! For my face backstage it needs to be fast, impactful and last all day. I usually focus on my skin, I'm in love with the Extra Dimension skin finish that we make and I often opt for a bold lip that wears the whole day the retromatte liquid lipcolours are perfect for that. I also make sure that I clean my face and pop on my serum, night cream and essential oils no matter how tired I am.

Favourite travel destination? Berlin, every time I go I see a new side to this city and it has the most amazing creative energy. The shopping and the food is also my absolute favorite!

Your top 5 product essentials? My kit and personal make up bag are always evolving with all the new stuff that comes out but I've found some things I just always go back to.

1) Upward lash mascara, I can't go without mascara and this formula is very versatile and longwearing.

2) Prep and Prime Essential Oils, I use day and night on myself and almost every model I touch

3) Next To Nothing Face Colour- it can be used over or under foundation but I like it by itself for a sheer radiant veil on the skin

4) Fix plus, the ultimate skin refresher, I use this before during and after make up, for any skin irritation and sunburn it's a must have.

5) We have just launched 6 new fragrances and they are all incredible but my favorite is called 'My Heroine' and it's always in my bag

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