In the time is #flawless, Diesel has decided to challenge the standards of conformity and perfection perpetuated by social media.

“I have always been more interested in imperfection because it stands out from the crowd”, explains Diesel founder, Renzo Rosso.

Diesel’s latest campaign challenges people to, “go with mistakes, go with remakes, go without knowing if you have what it takes. GO WITH being reckless, megalomania, compulsive shopping, being lazy, forgetfulness, being nosy”, with taglines seen on each campaign image.

“Being unique is much more beautiful than being perfect,” explains Diesel Artistic Director Nicola Formichetti. “Change the way you look at things so even the bad becomes positive, overcoming obstacles and fears. You’ll have the best life possible.”

Perfection is overrated, so #gowiththeflaw with Diesel.

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