Selwyn Boudanne, Concierge at Four Seasons Hotel, Seychelles
Selwyn Boudanne, Concierge at Four Seasons Hotel, Seychelles

Unlike many of the country’s five-star resorts, the Four Seasons Seychelles is so unobtrusive as to almost disappear into the mountain  foliage overlooking the idyllic bay of Petit Anse. The purposefully understated design sees reclaimed materials and traditional Seychellois design in each of the resort’s 67 standalone villas and suites. Selwyn Boudanne, concierge at the hotel for four years, loves his job because every day brings a new challenge. There is almost nothing, he says, that he can’t sort out for his guests and only chuckles in discreet recollection when asked about some of the outlandish requests he’s received.

Where’s the party? The Boardwalk  Bar at Eden Island.

Best secret  eatery loved by the locals? For something casual, the Boathouse Restaurant at Beau Vallon for its Creole buffet.

An outdoor activity that’s worth doing? Island-hopping on a sea plane. In terms of sports, we have everything from  rock climbing and hiking to motorised sports at Beau Vallon beach and obviously snorkelling and scuba diving. We also offer windsurfing, guided snorkelling and stand-up paddle 

The Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market  in Victoria
The Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market in Victoria
Image: Sarah Lawrence
Visitors need to
taste a Creole
octopus curry

An unmissable piece of architecture? There are many beautiful churches in Victoria, the capital: the Cathedral of the Immaculate 
Conception is among the oldest and most beautiful. Also in Victoria, the Navasakthi Vinayagar Hindu Temple  is amazingly intricate.  


A  new,  highend restaurant that you have to eat at? La Plaine at St Andre is known for its great gourmet food.

A celebration you shouldn’t miss? The Carnaval International de Victoria in April; the Festival Kreol in October. 

A local band you should definitely listen to?  Where? The Tanmi Group, who play at the Four Seasons on Saturday nights, offering a mix of local Creole music and putting their own spin on classic and current hits. The Wednesday evening outdoor market at Beau Vallon also offers live music.

Any markets you should visit? The Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market in Victoria is open every day but best to visit on Saturday mornings, when locals are stocking up on ingredients for their weekend.

Navasakthi Vinayagar Hindu Temple
Navasakthi Vinayagar Hindu Temple
Image: Sarah Lawrence

What is the signature dish of the country and where can it be found? Grilled 
red snapper. Visitors also need to taste a Creole octopus curry. The best places are Anse Soleil Café and the weekly evening market at Beau Vallon. 

A great spot for a business meeting? Eden Island has good facilities.

The best contemporary art gallery? The gallery of Sir Michael Adams in Petit Anse is the island’s pride and joy. 

Where’s the best local spa (that’s not at the hotel)? Peppermint Spa at Beau Vallon is a lovely local retreat.

You  can’t come to Mahé without? Going  on a tour of Victoria, which will showyou the locals’ way of life and give you an idea of the Creole culture.

Eden Island
Eden Island
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