Three ideas on a Monday is a shared internal newsletter, which serves as a brief interlude in our day, a pause to think, read and possibly be inspired. My team thought it a good idea to share these with you, our readers. It's just three links to the stories that really interested me this week (sometimes I throw in a little bit of extra link-love. This is an interactive newsletter so if you want to send me your three ideas or even one please do and I will try to slot them in. 

Oak Labs’ smart mirror
Oak Labs’ smart mirror

1: Up first, a must read for all of us in the media but also for those who consume media — the Wired cover story  about how the New York Times is reworking its future;

2: Something fun about the future of retail and the changing room — really interesting about the customer feedback loop;

3: A really useful app for all writers and wannabe writers;

This is just really pretty — I love the spring blooms that are all over the Love magazine site — and the illustrations of the best off New York Fashion week. 

Plus, I am throwing in a long read: A short history of the Trump family. It's fascinating and disturbing in equal measure. 

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