Stepping into the Mount Nelson Hotel’s Planet Bar to meet Patrick Madendjian, I expected to meet a man of refined tastes – him being SA’s marketing manager for luxury brands group Moët Hennessy. It seemed obvious he’d be a man of discerning taste but what I hadn’t anticipated was that he’d also be the most sharply attired gent  on the terrace.

Patrick Madendjian
Patrick Madendjian
Image: Christof van der walt @ One League

After completing his bachelor’s degree in business administration at the American University of Beirut in 2001 and working in finance for a year, Madendjian moved to Paris to embark on a master’s in business administration at ESCP-Europe, which segued into his marketing career. Headhunted in 2008 by Hennessy, Madendjian has travelled around the world a great deal, including a term in Mexico as marketing manager for spirits. 

However, it was Cape Town and its relaxed lifestyle he fell in love with and last year he relocated there with his family. “Quality has the ability to turn an 
ordinary experience into a special occasion,” Madendjian says. “The key to enjoying a special product is to do it your own way.” A good cognac can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or with a dash of water, he says – “Any way as long as it is your way and you savour it.”


Emporio Armani suit bought in Paris. “When I wear this suit, I feel like it’s my second skin, and I’m very comfortable. It’s what I feel good in.” To elevate the outfit, gentleman’s accessories include the Dior tie, a pocket square “a gift from my wife, she bought somewhere in France, I’m sure”, a Tag Heuer Formula 1 watch and, lastly, Dom Perignon cufflinks: “The shape of the DP shield is 

Madendjian favours one-of-a-kind, tailor-made pieces – his shoes are custom made by Paulus Bahlsen. “They are located close to our Paris offices. The experience of being involved in the making of the shoe from the type of leather, the moulding on your feet, every detail – I call these my Lamborghini 
shoes.” The shirt, also from Paris: “I have a tailor who makes all of my shirts in the 6th arrondissement on Rue de Conde.”


Motto? Carpe Diem, seizing moments and striking a balance in my life and making the most of it. Drink? Hennessy XO on the rocks anytime, and Dom Perignon for celebrations because it is like drinking stars. Holiday? We always go to France and Lebanon to visit friends and family, and part of the trip I will go away with my wife somewhere we haven’t been to. Last year we did Turkey but my ultimate destination is French Polynesia. Bora Bora is where we honey-mooned. Everyone needs to go there in their lifetime.

Shopping? I shop mainly on my travels, France. Restaurants? A place I love is La Colombe in Constantia – Scot is incredible. Carne SA, the one on Keerom Street, is my favourite for meat and Cheyne’s in Hout Bay. Club or bar? For clubbing I enjoy Coco. The One&Only and Bungalow are fun for a drink, but I also spend a lot of time in Joburg and I enjoy Cocoon. Book? The Game of Throne series - busy with book number five at the moment.

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